Staying Safe on Social Media

Social media must be one the best inventions of this century. It has made the world look more like a global village. You can connect with people across the different spheres of the continent using the various social sites. Some of the popular social sites currently include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Gone are the days when you would wait for news bulletins to know what is going on around the world because updates from the different places stream in fast and quick on social media.  Keeping in touch with people from various countries is a lot easier because some of these sites have different features that give you an opportunity to communicate with different people.

You can text, make voice calls and even video calls with some of these sites. Social media has also become an excellent tool for entertainment. Some sites give you an opportunity to stream some of the latest movies and music videos. You can also download them for enjoyment on a later media browsing

One can also get the information they need from the different sites. With the emergence of social media, we have also witnessed its misuse with some people using it for fraudulent activities and other cybercrimes. It is important to stay safe on social media to avoid falling prey of all these unwarranted activities. The following are tips on how you can stay safe on social media.

Use Strong Passwords

Passwords are the secret information or code you use to log in to your social media accounts. You should set up a secure password to give hackers a hard time accessing your account. They may need access to your account to conduct some criminal activities that can vindicate you. Use long passwords with characters that can make it hard to hack your account.

Read Privacy Policies

The different social media sites have their privacy policies which you can read. Many people tend to skip that section because they find it less valuable. Understanding privacy policies can guide you in using some of these social media sites. Failing to comply with them might also see your account deactivated or shut down completely.

Always Log Offsocial media

You should remember to always log out of your accounts once you are done using them. This is very important for those using public computers to gain access to their social media accounts. Leaving your account running may give others room to access and defame you or conduct other criminal activities.