Conga 3090: Embracing the Next Generation Home Cleaning Technology

The man has always identified the need to keep his environment clean. Before the advent brooms, specific shrubs were gathered, tied up together and kept as cleaning tools during the ancient times. Therefore, house cleaning techniques have come a long way considering that you can clean your house without lifting a finger thanks to an array of robotic vacuum cleaners that you can pair up with your phone and have your residential space immaculately cleaned while you’re miles away from home.


vacuum cleaningMulti-cleaning Functions

Ordinary vacuum cleaners are designed to suck up dust from flat surfaces. This means that you have to follow up with a bucket of soapy water and a towel to scrub off any stains that may be stuck on the surface that you’re cleaning. Conga 3090 takes care of this by helping you out with the mopping bit of the house cleaning stints. Its powerful suction power get rid of heavy debris, and this means that you don’t have to follow through with a broom to clean up the tiny stone-like dirt that may be part of the dirt to clear off your house.


Elaborate Features

Other than its Absolut Implode system that enables you to choose between 10 home cleaning modes, Conga 3090 is a piece of tech perfection given its top-notch Artificial Intelligence (AI) properties. The robotic cleaner’s iTech Laser commands a 360 degrees intelligence radar which is significant in keeping it in open spaces that need cleaning without knocking on your furniture your walls. This is important because it keeps your furniture scratch-free and eliminates expensive repairs that the vacuum cleaner may incur. As a result, knocking itself self on solid surfaces.


House Mapping

Another feature that makes Conga 3090 stand out is its APP attribute. This is a fascinating feature in the sense that it inculcates a digital map of your house into the robotic gadget’s AI chip. Therefore, if you see your Conga 3090 moving from one part of the house to another without cleaning up, don’t think that the machine isn’t working. It’s simply looking for the shortest way to have your home cleaned up within the shortest period. The APP feature subsequently helps you to save on the amount of electric energy that you need to clean up your house.


powerMore on Cleaning Modes

Conga 3090 is considered futuristic owing to its ability to adjust to a specific cleaning stint. You can set it up for carpet cleaning by turning on its double turbo system or go for its twin mopping features if you feel that a given surface needs a thorough scrubbing. Note that it’s possible to switch from one cleaning mode to the next using your smartphone. The Conga 3090 smartphone option gives you the ability to designate the rooms or the parts of the house that you need to clean based on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule – giving you a stress-free house cleaning experience that improves your every aspect of life in ways that you never thought possible.…